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Specification of MILKY LED

MilkyLED lamp is made of anti-mosquito ledchip of Korea which has a selection of high quality with very low specification extreme UV, so milkyLED lamps emit almost no UV rays, thus milkyLED lamp is suitable for people with allergies and sensitive to UV. As we have seen, UV light is not good for the health and hygiene of human skin, UV rays can cause skin cancer, skin color darkens and cause black stains (flex) in human skin. The UV rays emitted by the lamp many LHE / CFL that we use (lights 2U, 3U, spiral, fluorescent lamp).

Anti Mosquito.

Lights milkyLED using anti-mosquito ledchip of Korean low extreme UV (Ultra Violet), especially when compared with other types of lamps (eg fluorescent lamp, LHE, CFL, 2U, 3U, Spiral), so the rooms were only using lights milkyLED only (not mixed with other lamps) less attract mosquitoes. As we have seen, the mosquitoes are very interested with UV light, it is proved by the use of light with violet rays on mosquito trap. Thus milkyLED lamp has anti mosquito. Even in some of the experiments, found the tendency of mosquitoes to escape the room using only the extreme low light milkyLED this UV rays.

TVG technology (Transient Voltage Guard)

With this TVG technology, the lamp being lit milkyLED can have the ability to protect electronic devices in your home from the dangers of lightning and thunder. In each lamp milkyLED, implanted auto voltage detection circuit over a predetermined voltage limit. When suddenly a bolt of lightning and thunder occur around the area of your house, then the voltage network in your home will be a surge that can cause damage to electronic devices in your home. With milkyLED lights installed and flame, the more voltage will be automatically detected, and in a fraction of a second, milkyLED will send a signal to the MCB in your house to immediately shut down the electricity network. Thus, electronic devices in your home that has the ability to hold up to the voltage limit set by milkyLED will be safe from lightning and the lightning, because at the same time, the electricity network in your home has been turned off by the lights milkyLED . And at the time of the MCB in your home rekindled, milkyLED-lamp flame will return along with electronic devices in your home.

IDC Technology (Individual Direct Cooling)

IDC Technology is a cooling system that we have developed to protect ledchip from overheating (patent pending). With IDC, lights milkyLED become lighter, no heat and are more durable. This IDC makes milkyLED lights can be used for any type of home lighting, including the type of house and home downlight lamp types covered though.

Toll-saving Electric (KWH)

High light intensity but low power, making milkyLED highly energy efficient lamps. MilkyLED lamp capable of more than 50% saving compared with LHE type lamps (energy saving lamps like 2U, 3U, spiral). These savings will immediately feel the pulse reload KWH meters.

35 VAC - 240 VAC (Wide Operating Voltage Range)

MilkyLED able to work in AC voltage ranges are very wide with a light intensity that is proportional, so milkyLED resistant to unstable voltage changes, even though the extreme unstable milyLED tested. optimum performance is in the range of 165 VAC - 220 VAC.

Free Blink (Flickering Free)

MilkyLED hardly blink, so it is suitable for allergy sufferers eye.

Mercury free

MilkyLED lights do not use hazardous materials that could threaten human health, such as mercury lamps are widely used in LHE (2U, 3U, and spiral).

100% Love Indonesia

MilkyLED is 100% product works Indonesian nation. MilkyLED lights utilize excess ledchip high quality of Korean and driver components from Taiwan, milkyLED designed, manufactured and used machines produced by the children of the Indonesian nation. So milkyLED lamp is genuine domestic product, not the stuff of China (China).

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